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Relativity Fest 2017
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PD127902 - 3 Ways Industry Experts Elevate Your e-Discovery Marketing e-Discovery is a tight-knit industry with complex problems. If you're feeling like the growth and change is moving faster than you can churn out a solid piece of content, join our discussion with a panel of industry marketers. You'll learn how you can tap the knowledge-base of the e-discovery community to upgrade your events, public relations, digital marketing, and of course, content. 1 Hour Panel Brendan Ryan - Senior Manager, Content, Marketing Communications, Relativity
Dean Gonsowski - VP Strategy and Industry Marketing, Relativity
Jennifer Marsnik - Senior Strategy Consultant, Edge Legal Marketing
John Goodman - Senior Director, Disputes and Investigations, Alvarez & Marsal
PD127938 - Academic Partner Program Professor and Relativity Fest Scholarship Recipients Orientation This session will provide an introduction and overview for attendees who have received a TruStaffing Scholarship or a Relativity Academic Scholarship. Academic attendees will be matched with their professor mentors during this time. We'll cover specifics around Academic sessions and special events. 75min Lecture Janice Hollman - Academic Program Manager, Relativity
LIE127896 - A Conversation with Hon. Shira Scheindlin USDJ (ret.) Ariana Tadler of Meta-e Discovery sits down with the Hon. Shira Scheindlin, retired judge of the United States District Court of the Southern District of New York and JAMS Panel Member, for a conversation about lessons learned over a career of profound influence on e-discovery law. 1 Hour Panel Hon. Shira Scheindlin - USDJ (ret.) JAMS Panel Member, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP
Ariana Tadler - Partner at Milberg LLP and Principal, Meta-e Discovery
LIE133150 - A Conversation with Jesse Murray, Global Head of IG & eDiscovery at Uber Given the complexity, risk, and high cost of discovery, is simply providing legal counsel to clients enough?  In this session, industry leaders join Jesse Murray, Uber's e-discovery manager, to discuss what corporate legal departments should expect from their outside counsel. Topics for discussion include: thought leadership in security, governance, and discovery; managing work product; document review; and e-discovery services.   1 Hour Panel Brandon Law - CEO, Oasis Discovery Partners
Jan Larson - Partner, Jenner & Block
Jesse Murray - Global Head of Information Governance & eDiscovery, Uber
Cathy Doyle - Litigation Attorney, Jenner & Block
PR127868 - A Deep Dive into Email Threading and Near-Duplicate Identification You've heard that these tools are becoming "no-brainers"--now get the nuts and bolts of how to use them on your next project. In this session, we'll outline the steps to set up and troubleshoot email threading and near-duplicate identification, discuss how Relativity Analytics finds these related documents, and demonstrate email threading workflows. After this session, you'll have a deeper understanding of how the technology works behind the scenes and how to take better advantage of it. 1 Hour Lecture Jeff Gilles - Solutions Architect, Relativity
Rebecca Schwab Peoples - Senior Customer Success Manager, Relativity
PR127864 - A Deep Dive on Analytics Regular Expressions Running email threading and near-duplicate detection are considered best practices for nearly every case containing emails, but sometimes it's necessary to clean up the text before kicking off the analysis. Removing Bates numbers and other forms of textual interference goes a long way toward achieving an optimal result. You can also perform cleanup prior to creating a conceptual analytics index—the less text noise, the better the index. Join us to learn how regular expressions can help. 1 Hour Workshop Aileen Tien - Senior Relativity Solutions Specialist, Relativity
PR127875 - Advanced Regular Expressions for dtSearch This session is geared toward those who have at least a basic understanding of regular expressions. We will go over workflows for using regular expressions to search for documents containing numbers such as social security, bank account, or patent numbers. You will also learn to leverage regular expressions to search for special characters that are by default not searchable in dtSearch, such as the percent sign. New to RegEx, but not able to attend the Beginners RegEx session? No problem! Stop by anyway to learn how RegEx can enhance your searches. 1 Hour Lecture Aileen Tien - Senior Relativity Solutions Specialist, Relativity
PR127927 - Advanced Searching Performance Workshop How well do you think you know how Relativity runs your search? The answer will surprise you! In this session, you'll have the chance to get hands on with the internals of searching in Relativity, and finally be able to answer some of life's greatest mysteries, like why Reviewer 23 can't find that document or a seemingly simple search takes five minutes to run. 3 hours Workshop Brittany Cunningham - Advanced Performance Engineer, Relativity
PR127865 - Analytics for Attorneys Workshop This hands-on workshop is designed to help attorneys use text analytics to explore and assess case documents, improve efficiency and streamline review, and construct searches to find documents you might have missed via more traditional means. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how to use a variety of simple and powerful text analytics capabilities to obtain results that would have otherwise been next to impossible, and how to apply them to your projects.

This session is being submitted for CLE accreditation.
2 hours Workshop Greg Houston - Solutions Architect, Relativity
Jacob Cross - Senior Relativity Solutions Specialist, Relativity
Paul Gordon - Team Lead, Relativity Solutions, Relativity
PR127860 - Analytics Overview Tailored to novice analytics users, this high-level session will provide an overview of Relativity's key analytics features and the benefits they offer, including the latest and greatest feature enhancements. 1 Hour Lecture Jenna Rooney - Pre-Sales Engineer, Relativity
Kristina Eschenburg - Enterprise Account Manager, Relativity
PR127866 - Analytics Workshop In this hands-on workshop, we'll briefly discuss the "why" of Relativity Analytics before diving full force into the "how." You'll learn how to set up both structured analytics and conceptual indexes through slides, workbooks, and hands-on time in Relativity. When you leave this session, you'll know how to pitch the benefits of analytics at a high level to your colleagues or customers, set up structured analytics to run email threading and textual near duplicate identification, and build a high-quality conceptual index, which can drive such features as keyword expansion, clustering, and concept search. The session is targeted at those who are familiar with administering Relativity but are not too experienced yet with Analytics. 3 hours Workshop Jeff Gilles - Solutions Architect, Relativity
Melissa Saniter - Relativity Solutions Specialist, Relativity
Laura Webster - Customer Success Manager, Relativity
PR115886 - An Analytics Cookbook for Complex Cases In complex cases, a good analytics strategy is like a cake: it’s built in layers. In this session, “chefs” Ben Sexton of JND eDiscovery and Christian Levis of Lowey Dannenberg Cohen & Hart will explore how to develop a multi-tiered workflow from both the legal and technological side by combining the different analytics “flavors” available in Relativity including Assisted Review, Structured Analytics, and Communication Analysis. Next, they’ll walk through a real-world example of how they “baked” this philosophy into a complex class action case, developing a framework of layered technologies that cut review time by 50,000 hours and saved $2.5 million. 1 Hour Lecture Ben Sexton - Director of eDiscovery, JND eDiscovery
Christian Levis - Associate, Lowey Dannenberg
PD127935 - An Overview of Relativity Best in Service: What's New and What Can it Do for You? The Best in Service Program was designed to help Relativity and our Relativity Authorized Partners define and continue to raise the standard for a great Relativity experience.​ ​ In this session, you’ll learn about the Best in Service Program–what it is, how authorized partners qualify for the designations, the benefits of achieving the designation, and what changes to expect for 2018. 1 Hour Lecture David Giambalvo - Team Lead, Programs, Relativity
James Zinn - Director, Channel Management, Relativity
PR131574 - Anything SQL

You've got SQL questions - we've got SQL answers.  Join us for a presentation and round table discussion covering topics like best practices for managing Relativity SQL Servers, performance and bottleneck analysis, and how to make maintenance easy for everyone.  We'll also talk about lessons learned using Availability Groups (AG) and stacked instances. 

1 Hour Lecture Scott Ellis - Senior SQL Database Administrator, Relativity
Erik Darling - Consultant, Brent Ozar Unlimited
LIE115992 - A Practical Roadmap for EU Data Protection and Cross-Border Discovery This presentation, with panelists including a senior editor of the 2017 Sedona Conference Principles and practitioners who regularly conquer cross-border data privacy challenges, will provide attendees with practical tips for leveraging the new Sedona International Principles to help in your compliance with stringent GDPR requirements, and in seeking immediate help under the US/EU Privacy Shield. 1 Hour Lecture Jason Priebe - Partner, Seyfarth Shaw
Natalya Northrip - Counsel, Seyfarth Shaw
PR130805 - Ask the Experts: Relativity Infrastructure Q/A Panel Are you struggling with infrastructure challenges in your Relativity environment? Come ask the panel of experts from George Jon and Relativity how to best solve your challenges. We’ll cover the following topics to get started, allowing time for you to ask questions at the end. What are the best practices to follow when setting up my SQL server in a virtualized environment? How can we leverage SQL Availability Groups with Relativity? How should we be maintaining VLF counts in the SQL log files? How should we be leveraging CheckDB Offloading for SQL databases? How should I be configuring my certificates for FluidUI and Kepler services? What are the latest best practices when it comes to building and searching with DTSearch? What are the latest best practices and optimizations for the Invariant Queue Manager and the Invariant Workers? What are the common issues with storing Relativity Natives and Indexes on NetApp or EMC Isilon NAS shares? 1 Hour Lecture George Nedwick - CEO, George Jon
Scott Ellis - Senior SQL Database Administrator, Relativity
Jon Biggs - Sr. Infrastructure Engineer, George Jon
Charles McCloughan - Application Specialist III, Relativity
Robert Simpson - Principal Software Engineer, Architecture, Relativity
Ryan Flint - Infrastructure Engineer III, Relativity
LIE127933 - Beer and Basics: e-Discovery 101 and Relativity Fundamentals Have you forgotten some of the basics of Relativity and the e-discovery process? If you could use a refresher but were afraid to ask, join us for beer and wine in a relaxed atmosphere where Relativity technical and legal experts will review some of the basics of Relativity and the legal process behind e-discovery. No question is too basic—legal teams can gain some tech knowledge, and tech teams can gain some tech insight. You’ll come away from the session ready to start the week with a better foundation of e-discovery knowledge. 1 Hour Lecture David Horrigan - e-Discovery Counsel and Legal Content Director, Relativity
Tom O'Connor - Director, Gulf Coast Legal Technology Center
Michael Quartararo - Director of Litigation Support, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP
Jacob Cross - Senior Relativity Solutions Specialist, Relativity
PR127874 - Beginners' Regular Expressions for dtSearch and Analytics How do you search for data such as social security numbers or bank account numbers in dtSearch? How do you filter out extraneous text in your Structured Analytics data set, such as Bates numbers, that are skewing email threading results? Regular expressions, or RegEx, give you the ability to search for and match on patterns. In this session, I will walk you through the fundamentals of RegEx and provide examples on how to use RegEx in Relativity. Although most examples in the session are geared towards dtSearch, all the underlying RegEx building blocks that I will be covering are applicable to Analytics. By the end of the session, you will have an understanding of RegEx, including basic terminology and the different ways you can use this pattern searching language in dtSearch and in Analytics filters. 1 Hour Lecture Aileen Tien - Senior Relativity Solutions Specialist, Relativity
PR127917 - Best Practices for ARM (Archive, Restore, Move) This session will cover best practices on how to use the Archive, Restore, Move (ARM) tool to move your workspaces from on-premises into RelativityOne. 1 Hour Lecture Mike Davis - Applications Specialist II, Relativity
PR135372 - Brainspace 6: Setting a New Standard for Advanced Analytics In this session, we’ll provide an overview of Brainspace 6’s new features and how you can leverage them to expedite the e-discovery and investigative process.
We’ve redesigned the new user interface—centered around powerful and interactive data visualizations—from the ground up. The unique combination of Brainspace’s core technology and user experience is exemplified in the latest version of the product’s influential wheel visualization, powered by new unsupervised learning algorithms. All-new conversation analysis and email thread view enable simple navigation of human communication and pattern identification, while updates to communication analysis provide insight into large-scale communication patterns.
The platform’s new Continuous Multimodal Learning (CMML) workflow integrates state-of-the-art machine learning with Brainspace’s flexible new tagging system, allowing you to train the software to recognize multiple topics from within any of Brainspace 6’s visualizations. CMML can also be utilized to systematically identify likely relevant content and prioritize that information for linear review.
1 Hour Workshop Nazir Shwayhat - Solutions Architect, Brainspace
LIE115965 - Brave New Worlds: Cloud Collection, Processing, and Hosting In this session, we'll discuss new data collection methods with tools like Heureka and Harvester, along with considerations for working with RelativityOne; data privacy, security, and best practices surrounding handling of data, regardless of the collection, processing, and hosting options chosen; the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and pitfalls of being too lax in planning for international data transfer with EU entities; secure management of hosting (wiping cloud data) and SSD wiping technologies, given that many clouds are running on SSD. 1 Hour Lecture Richard Lutkus - Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLP
William Lederer - CSO, Relativity
Patrick Zeller - Enterprise Privacy Office & Sr. Information Governance Counsel, Gilead Sciences, Inc.
PR108099 - Breached: Lessons Learned from a Financial Data Crisis With data and information breaches, we're all learning it's a matter of "when," not "if." When a data breach occurs, companies often face the daunting task of reporting their findings to customers, clients, and employees; depending on the size of the data breach, this could cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. In this session, we'll share a real-world breach response story. A company that had fallen prey to a financial data breach approached KPMG; the organization had mere days to notify hundreds of potentially affected individuals or face severe financial penalties. Join us to learn how KPMG used a combination of regular expressions, custom applications in Relativity, review workflows, and a managed-review strategy that saved over 3,400 review hours and reduced the data population by more than 80%—and ultimately allowed the client to identify and notify all involved parties in the data breach. 1 Hour Panel Daniel Smith - Project Manager, KPMG
Brian Blush - Project Manager, KPMG
PD127949 - Breaking Even and Beyond: Cost Recovery in e-Discovery

For years, law firms have treated litigation support as overhead. Today, strategic e-discovery expertise, including contemporary legal tech tools, is more than a mere cost to be recovered—it has become an invaluable asset. How do we adjust our business models to reflect this shift? And how do we bring our leaders on board?

In this panel discussion, representatives from varying-sized law firms will share how they've used Relativity elements to transform their litigation support, practice support, or e-discovery departments from cost centers to profit centers. The panel will explore their firms' cultures and how these differences influenced their approaches towards developing and selling a business plan to upper management; the buy-in process and who helps champion this process day to day; how they sell; challenges they faced and continue to face; and how they adapt to the changing marketplace of technologies, processes, and prices.

1 Hour Panel Julia Voss - Director of Litigation Support and eDiscovery, Greensfelder, Hemker, & Gale, P.C.
Kevin Clark - Litigation Support Manager, Thompson & Knight
Richard Pachella - Director, eDiscovery and Practice Advisory Service, Cozen O'Connor
Bret Libigs - Team Lead, Enterprise New Business, Relativity
PR112107 - Building a Functional Relativity Application in Under an Hour In this session, NSerio will challenge two of our best coders to build a Relativity application. The application will be improvised based on suggestions from the audience. While the developers code away, each step of the way will be narrated and explained. Examples of previous applications will explained to provide context. This will be a fast, fun, and interactive session. 1 Hour Lecture Juan Ramirez - Founder & CEO, NSerio
Javier Saldaña - software developer, NSerio
Carlos Torres - Software Architect, NSerio
PR138094 - Building a Performant, Scalable e-Discovery Environment George Jon has architected a single scalable cost-effective solution for all sizes over the last decade. We want to share 5 of our top most important factors in our design, as well as share some of the critical pieces that we show missed during our audits with new clients. During this discussion, we will cover storage, SQL server, virtualization, Relativity, and backups. 1 Hour Lecture George Nedwick - CEO, George Jon
Jon Biggs - Sr. Infrastructure Engineer, George Jon
PD127901 - Building Strong Brands in e-Discovery What makes a strong e-discovery brand? In this panel Relativity's JC Steinbrunner will talk with Taffi Schurz of KrolLDiscovery and brand consultant Laurence Minsky about the power of brands to tip the balance in generating leads, closing deals, and building vibrant communities. Attendees should gain a sense of the impact brands have on both sales enablement and employer culture, as well as practical tips on how to measure and influence brand performance over time. 1 Hour Panel JC Steinbrunner - Creative Director, Relativity
Larry Minsky - Author & Associate Professor, Columbia College Chicago
Taffi Schurz - Vice President, Business Solutions, KrolLDiscovery
PR127924 - Build your First Relativity Integration Point This course will offer an introduction to Relativity Integration Points (RIP). We'll cover how to create a basic provider, set up field mapping, upload your provider to a RIP-enabled workspace, and schedule the upload. Once we have the basics down, we'll walk you through an advanced sample demonstrating how to load data into Relativity Dynamic Objects (RDOs) that is formatted using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). Coding experience is required. 3 hours Workshop Marlon Smith - Software Engineer, Relativity
Kevin Stephenson - Technical Business Analyst, Relativity
Andrzej Korczynski - Senior Software Engineer, Relativity
LIE127894 - Celebrity Law, Tech, and PR: Legal Ethics in News and Social Media It may not happen every day, but at some point, your company or client may be in the news. Cable news celebrities are created in a mere 24-hour news cycle, social media have changed the definition of what’s news, and e-discovery is often an issue. What should you do when reporters come calling? Will the litigation privilege protect you at a press conference? Can you market your firm or company while getting PR for your client? Join a panel of legal ethics experts and members of the media as we learn the legal lessons of celebrities past and present to help keep you out of legal ethics case law if you or client become the news. 1 Hour Panel David Horrigan - e-Discovery Counsel and Legal Content Director, Relativity
Michael Kump - Partner, Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert
David Cohen - Partner, Reed Smith LLP
Stan Simpson - Senior Ethics Counsel, The World Bank
PR127846 - Closing Keynote Before you head home, join Relativity CEO Andrew Sieja to wrap up Relativity Fest 2017 with closing remarks and event highlights. Half Hour General Session Andrew Sieja - CEO, Relativity
PR114177 - Common Import Error Troubleshooting Techniques Relativity documentation contains basic elements needed to troubleshoot RDC errors. But there are a few more advanced errors I encountered for which I wished there were a robust compilation of resolutions. In this session, we'll discuss how to: resolve delimiter issues; address "field length too long" and "Document Identifier already exists in workspace" errors; troubleshoot fatal exceptions; use NotePad++/ EditPro for extra large files; fix invalid dates; use Excel to manipulate data issues; and address data/field mismatch issues. 1 Hour Lecture Stephanie Clerkin - Project Manager, Korein Tillery
PR108088 - Conquering Your Productions – Take Charge Like a Boss! Let’s face it: productions are often incredibly painful. Time is rarely on your side, there’s a very low tolerance for error, and surprises pop up out of nowhere, causing all kinds of challenges. But do productions have to be this way? Absolutely not. A little planning early on will have you rolling out productions with ease and save your sanity. The key is to be prepared, and that doesn’t happen without structuring your review with productions in mind. This means setting up multiple levels of review, not just first pass and privilege. Targeted workflows for redaction, conflict resolution, and QC are crucial components. Creating dynamic saved searches to identify these different review populations, and then using those to feed imaging and automated batching, will save tons of time and have the added benefit of keeping all parties informed regarding production readiness. In this session, we’ll go over the types of saved searches to create for review and imaging using an example project. We’ll also examine how analytics, specifically email threading and near-duplicate identification, can enhance QC and minimize inconsistencies. Finally, we’ll construct the ultimate set of saved searches targeting the production-ready population, as well as those sets of documents that need additional attention, so you’ll always know exactly where you stand. 1 Hour Lecture Erika Namnath - Associate Director, eDiscovery, H5
PR140849 - Corporate Repository Design: Diminishing Costs While Expanding Knowledge This session will compare the repository to the traditional "transactional" e-discovery model, address the challenges with corporate data, and demonstrate how the repository model offers a better way. We'll discuss both the on-premise and RelativityOne repository, along with the benefits and limitations of each workflow. We'll also present a case study of a successful corporate repository implementation. 1 Hour Lecture Chris O'Connor - Director, Complete Discovery Source
Michael Milicevic - Managing Director, CDS Chicago, Complete Discovery Source, Inc.
LIE114088 - Creative Cost Control in e-Discovery Expenditures We're at a nexus point in the application of advanced technologies to the practice of law. Now more than ever, corporate counsel and outside counsel have a wealth of options for enabling smart and more cost-efficient discovery. Our expert in-house legal panelists will discuss practical cost-control lessons from inside the corporation with input from a panel of trusted outside counsel representatives. We'll discuss real-world experiences, the advantages of running smarter discovery, and the practical application of advanced platforms (such as Azure and Office365) that enable greater cost control. 1 Hour Panel Phil Weldon - Senior Litigation Support Coordinator, Wilmer Hale
Carla Bauer - E-Discovery Consultant, E-Dsicovery iQ
Jesse Murray - Global Head of Information Governance & eDiscovery, Uber
David Siarny - eDiscovery Manager, Vedder Price
Susan Usatine - Litigation Shareholder/Technology Partner, Cole Schotz PC
Rachi Messing - Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
Sherry Hicks - Senior Security Analyst/eDiscovery, Sun Trust Bank
LIE108759 - Cross-Border Analytics: Challenges & Solutions Cases involving data drawn from across the globe become more prevalent every day. A recent survey of privately held companies show they expect at least 11% more of their future workforce to be outside the U.S., and reliance on sales outside the U.S. is trending upward as well. Globalization drives more foreign-language documents into U.S.-based investigations and litigation every year.

Advances in the analytics technologies in Relativity make review less costly and more efficient, but how do these technologies apply when you confront foreign language data sets? What do you need to negotiate and how do you make your technology application defensible?
This session will discuss: 1) challenges and key realities you must be aware of to apply analytics to foreign language data sets effectively, 2) recommendations for increasing efficiency and maximizing tool effectiveness, and 3) defensibility. We'll also share stories from our own experiences with these matters.
1 Hour Lecture Richard Dilgren - VP, Data Science & Strategy, Fronteo
LIE115941 - Cross-Border Forensics and Regulatory Actions: A Field Guide in Handling Data Globalization and offshoring have driven commerce and trade from the developed world into emerging markets, but these trends have also exposed global companies to become targets of the US Department of Justice and Securities Exchange Commission. Violations of anti-corruption laws and economic trade policy have resulted in monumental sanctions, fines, and unprecedented sentences in white collar crime.

Companies must prepare to respond to domestic and foreign enforcement agencies simultaneously. Defensible protocols and taking an evidence-based approach to decision-making is incredibly important. This session features leading forensic experts and counsel who operate in increasingly confusing international jurisdictions. We'll explore best practices in handling data in-country—drawing from examples like China state secrets reviews, foreign language translations, and global intellectual property disputes—and will share recommended enhancements and suggestions to streamline Relativity. Hear from the front lines on successfully traversing foreign privacy regulations and data security protocols, as companies carefully consider how and where evidence may be gathered and accessed.
1 Hour Panel Brad Kolacinski - Director, Control Risks
Robert Calo - Sr. Legal Counsel, Nokia
John Chesley - Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
Antonia Karlan - Principal, Control Risks
PR127951 - Data Grid Overview Learn the benefits of using Data Grid - the technology platform that empowers Relativity to store and search data at massive scale. Benefits include increased insight into user and system productivity; instantaneous indexing for a faster search workflow; easier database maintenance, backup, and upgrade; automatic support for larger case sizes; reduction in SQL Server database size and memory requirements. 1 Hour Lecture Nik Balepur - Solutions Architect, Relativity
Chris Smith - Senior Technical Business Analyst, Relativity
PD137602 - Data Grid Round Table

Meet and discuss a variety of topics with lead members of the Data Grid development team. Discover what features and enhancements are on the roadmap. Talk directly with developers about the challenges you face today with a scaling data landscape and how Data Grid can meet your needs.

90min Session Chris Smith - Senior Technical Business Analyst, Relativity
PR135297 - Demystifying Artificial Intelligence Tools for Investigations and e-Discovery Artificial intelligence is the buzzword of the moment. It’s easy to get the impression from the media that it’s all been invented in the past year (and will be forgotten next year). But investigators and e-discovery practitioners have been using AI-based text analytics tools for more than a decade. The major technologies behind these tools include supervised and unsupervised learning, statistical information retrieval, and natural language processing, all areas where there has been steady progress over many years. This talk will present the fundamentals of these technologies and discuss the value of each in accelerating review and pursuing investigative leads. We'll explore how all these technologies are brought together in Brainspace’s CMML (Continuous Multimodal Learning) approach, and demonstrate how Brainspace’s learning algorithms can use Relativity's review decisions to zero in on topics of interest, and in turn prioritize documents in Relativity. 1 Hour Lecture Dave Lewis - Chief Data Scientist, Brainspace
Michael Griffin - Director Solutions Architecture, Brainspace
PR127886 - Designing High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions Are you prepared for a hardware failure? If disaster strikes, will you be able to bring Relativity back online? In this session, we'll discuss a framework on how to design your Relativity environment for high availability and disaster recovery. 1 Hour Lecture Ryan Flint - Infrastructure Engineer III, Relativity
George Nedwick - CEO, George Jon
Jon Biggs - Sr. Infrastructure Engineer, George Jon
PR127849 - Developer Summit During this session, members of the Relativity Developer Experience team will discuss the Relativity developer community and what we’re doing to help you be successful. Join us for an update on current priorities, overall vision for the developer community, and the progress we’ve made since our first Developer Summit last year (hint: we’ve delivered a ton of cool stuff!). Leaders from our platform engineering team will then answer questions about our architecture, technical direction, and more. At the summit, you'll also have an opportunity to provide feedback to help shape the future of the development platform and the developer community. We’ll wrap up with a social reception, allowing you to meet other developers, ask us more questions, and provide more feedback. 2 hours Lecture Drew Deitch - Strategic Partnerships Manager, Relativity
PR127882 - DevOps: Building a Sustainable Automation Pipeline From Code to Cloud From code through regression to a cloud environment, how does code become infrastructure? How is custom code such as SQL and powershell managed and integrated into the process? How does Relativity get deployed and installed in an automated way? Discuss the tools and techniques used to deploy infrastructure, install, and configure the OS and Relativity. Includes demonstrations of the pipeline architecture used to provision, monitor, and maintain an environment in the Cloud. 1 Hour Lecture Dina Muscanell - Advanced Software Engineer, Relativity
Andy Markulis - Advanced Systems Engineer, Tech Ops, Relativity
Scott Ellis - Senior SQL Database Administrator, Relativity
NET142660 - Diversity Happy Hour

Join us for cocktails and networking at the Relativity Fest diversity happy hour—hosted by Esquify. Catch up with fellow conference attendees while celebrating diversity and inclusion in the legal and tech industries.

90 min Networking
PR127863 - Does this Index Smell Funny to You? Diagnosing and Fixing Analytics Indexing Problems Analytics capabilities are only as strong as the index upon which they're built. But how do you know when your index is bad? In this session, tailored to those who have built and used analytics indexes, we'll share real examples of bad indexes (names omitted to protect the innocent), techniques to recognize them when you see them, and offer ideas on how to rescue a bad index to improve your analytics results. 1 Hour Lecture Jeff Gilles - Solutions Architect, Relativity
PR139927 - Doing Your Relativity Due Diligence Relativity has so much more to offer than traditional e-discovery use cases. Hear from the Reed Smith team on how they are pushing the traditional boundaries of Relativity to be a complete legal technology platform. We'll explore several new and creative approaches on how to leverage Relativity and your existing internal expertise to increase your operational efficiency in areas such as M&A due diligence, practice management, and contract portfolio risk analysis. 1 Hour Lecture James Whittington - Client Technology Solutions Manager, Reed Smith LLP
Sharri Wilner - Client Technology Solutions Manager, Reed Smith
PR112716 - Don't Let Native Excel Redactions Become the Bane of Your Existence: How to Lessen the Pain You don't have to purchase a fancy (i.e. expensive) tool to make native excel redactions. This session will describe the creation of a simple native redaction application within Relativity. The speakers will demonstrate how to make native redactions in excel, upload the files to Relativity, run the productions, and replace the searchable text in the production deliverable. In addition, they'll highlight how to spot issues when making the redactions and how to QC productions containing native redactions. 1 Hour Lecture Cristin Traylor - Counsel, McGuireWoods LLP
Michael Krumpe - Sr. Practice Support Specialist & Technical Lead, McGuireWoods LLP
PR127877 - ECA and Investigation Overview This session will discuss best practices for running early case assessment (ECA) effectively in a workspace and how to use the software in complex scenarios. We'll also discuss using one ECA workspace to feed multiple review workspaces. 1 Hour Lecture Ryan Stricker - Pre-Sales Engineer, Relativity
Mark Sekulich - Team Lead, Enterprise New Business, Relativity
PR127916 - ECA and Investigation Workshop Relativity ECA and Investigation helps legal and investigative teams quickly assess risk and make informed decisions at the earliest stages of a case or investigation. In this workshop, we'll walk through various configurable options in preparing your data, demonstrate the default dashboards and views, configure additional dashboards and views, and build workflows to efficiently create an inclusive set of documents for review. We'll walk through the process of "promoting" data to a review workspace, as well as how to share review coding decisions between workspaces. 3 hours Workshop Rene Laurens - Senior Product Manager, Relativity
LIE127684 - e-Discovery and Ethical Considerations for Social Media Social media presents dynamic and complex challenges for even seasoned e-discovery practitioners. Preservation and production difficulties abound, particularly with the proliferation of social messaging applications among consumers and businesses over the past few years. Fold in ethical issues, together with the convoluted framework of the Stored Communications Act, and it becomes readily apparent why social media presents unique discovery challenges to counsel and clients. This program will analyze these issues and provide both practical and ethical insights on a particularly compelling discovery practice area.

Topics covered include: (1) A general overview of the different categories of social media now subject to discovery and the ethical pitfalls associated with obtaining that information; (2) Preservation and production standards and how they are affected by ethical considerations (3) Recommendations for navigating the complexities of the Stored Communications Act.
1 Hour Panel Philip Favro - Driven, Inc. - IG and Discovery Consultant, CTRL - Director of Legal Education and Resources
Martin Tully - Co-Chair, Data Law Practice, Akerman
PD110523 - e-Discovery Budgeting Workshop In this interactive workshop, participants will work with each other to create a simulated return on investment (ROI) analysis for e-discovery services. This collaborative exercise highlights several different approaches to a project and exposes clues to reaching your firm’s ROI goals. 1 Hour Lecture David Hasman - Litigation Support Manager, Bricker & Eckler
Mary Pat Poteet - Managing Director, Poteet Consulting
Bret Libigs - Team Lead, Enterprise New Business, Relativity
LIE127895 - e-Discovery in Asia e-Discovery is no longer a novel concept in Asia and in fact, comprises the fastest growing markets for e-discovery technology and providers. Each market in Asia with comes with a unique set of laws and challenges for corporations, e-discovery service providers, and practitioners. With the challenges, there is also opportunity. Corporations continue to expand and operate in new markets, requiring e-discovery providers and counsel to follow or grow domestically. The panel discussion will bring together e-discovery providers and practitioners from China, Korea, and Japan to discuss the e-discovery legal framework in their respective countries, challenges to working locally with global consequences, and their innovative approaches to e-discovery in Asia. 1 Hour Panel Abigail Cooke - Account Manager, Relativity
Jared Nelson - Partner, MWE China Law Offices
Eric Choi - Attorney, Kim & Chang
James O'Donoghue - Founder & President, In-House Advisory Group
Davin Teo - Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal
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